Device definition, a thing made for a particular purpose; an invention or contrivance, especially a mechanical or electrical one. See more.

Urban Dictionary: Device An object that is required to complete a the task at hand, e.g. TV remote, mobile phone, condom, spliff Lockout-Tagout Interactive Training Program: Tutorial Lockout device: Any device that uses positive means, such as a lock, blank flanges and bolted slip blinds, to hold an energy-isolating device in a safe position, thereby preventing the energizing of machinery or equipment. Normal production operations: Utilization of a machine or equipment to perform its intended production function. Manually define and register a badge reader device

For example, if you define a device class with a directory of c:\server and the server needs a scratch volume in this device class to store export data, the file that the server creates might be named c:\server\00566497.exp. Important: You must ensure that storage agents can access newly created FILE volumes. Failure of the storage agent to

DEVICE_STATE_ACTIVE 0x00000001: The audio endpoint device is active. That is, the audio adapter that connects to the endpoint device is present and enabled. In addition, if the endpoint device plugs into a jack on the adapter, then the endpoint device is plugged in. DEVICE_STATE_DISABLED 0x00000002: The audio endpoint device is disabled. DEVICE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Define devise. devise synonyms, devise pronunciation, devise translation, English dictionary definition of devise. contrive, plan, or elaborate; form a plan; prepare: He will devise a way to get your money.