Your Mac has begun showing signs of trouble. Perhaps you frequently get errors when trying to open or save files. You suspect a problem with the hard drive.

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If your MAC OS system doesn't support Classic Environment (ie. MAC OS X 10.5 or Higher OR Intel Macs), you will have to try running it using the free program called SheepShaver, but compatibility is not ensured. Troubleshoot fonts in Adobe applications | Mac OS X

How to fix a frozen Mac. If your problem is that your Mac has frozen in the middle of a task, or an app has become unresponsive, it is possible to Force Quit it by right clicking/control clicking

Feb 08, 2018 Troubleshoot printing problems in Office for Mac - Office If it prints successfully that tells us that the problem is in your existing document. See Troubleshoot damaged documents in Word for Mac.. If it doesn't print successfully try changing the font of your text by selecting your sample text, choosing the Font drop down on …