According to the BBC, the new iPlayer's improvements are focussed around three key areas. First, the new service is supposed to be 'just like TV'. In other words, its HTML5-driven interface

BBC iPlayer Radio - listen to live BBC Radio or catch up on BBC programmes from across the UK and World Service. BBC COMPLAINTS FRAMEWORK AMENDMENTS 2020 The BBC acknowledges there is an apparent anomaly in the timeline within which complaints can be made about online material and Ofcom’s provisions for complaints about on-demand services, which the BBC’s proposed amendment reflects. However, many programmes on BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds are promoted periodically after first 'Little Britain' pulled from BBC iPlayer, BritBox and Netflix Jun 09, 2020 BBC COMPLAINTS FRAMEWORK Complaints in relation to content on linear television or online should still be made within 30 working days of the date on which the content was broadcast or published. Question: Do you agree that the timeframe for complaints about BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds should be extended [up to 1 year and 30 working days] to reflect the longer

When I use it at the university the iplayer probably does not identify the DNS of the university server and thus allows me to access the BBC content. At least that is my opinion. By turning the DNS no leak protection the iplayer began to work on my pc and even better it also made it possible to access the iplayer to my plex server!

May 04, 2020

Following a public consultation, the BBC Board has approved the amendments to the BBC's Complaints Framework and Procedures. In February 2020, the BBC opened a consultation seeking feedback on a

The New BBC iPlayer Review | Trusted Reviews Mar 06, 2020 BBC iPlayer now requires users to register and sign in Jun 20, 2017 Hundreds of viewers complain to BBC over changes to iPlayer But furious viewers are filling the BBC’s message boards and official blog with complaints that the changes have made it hard to find the programmes they are looking for and that software bugs