EU Court again rules that NSA spying makes US companies inadequate for privacy. The European Union’s highest court made clear - once again - that the US government’s mass surveillance programs are incompatible with the privacy rights of EU citizens. This statement was …

What harm does the NSA spying on its citizens actually The nation has citizens - who pay, among other things, for the salaries of those worthless whores at the NSA. One of the problems with the spying is that information is very easy to copy. Even if people who are officially employed by the NSA are not misusing the gathered data, it is quite possible that the NSA databases are being tapped into by Julian Assange: Wikileaks May Have Evidence CIA Spied On Mar 09, 2017

Aug 26, 2013 · In the past year, the NSA has repeatedly denied that it is collecting data on U.S. citizens. In March 2012, NSA chief Keith Alexander told Congress that his agency doesn’t even have the ability

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