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VPN: Connecting from a Mac at home to a Windows PC at work Step 4: Install the GlobalProtect VPN software on your Mac at home. In a web browser, go to; Click the Download Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent link; Find the GlobalProtect.pkg file in your downloads folder, right-click on it, then choose open Virtual Private Networks (VPN) at UCSD Apr 08, 2020 Accessing Server on LAN when connecting via VPN (macOS) Today I finally successfully set up the Nas as a VPN. So, using the VPN feature of MacOS (Mojave), I'm able to establish a connection to the NAS via VPN. Huzzah! Now, here is where I'm stuck. I don't know HOW to access the drives once I'm connected. I don't know the language I'm supposed to use.

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Connecting to the UCL VPN with Mac OS. This guide explains how to connect to the UCL Virtual Private Network (VPN) which will enable you to access to a variety of … [SOLVED] Windows cannot connect to Server 2016 VPN but Mac

VPN: Connecting from a Mac at home to a Windows PC at work

These steps are for connecting the University VPN client via Mac. Every member of the University community with a NetID has access to download the VPN Client. If you need assistance with the DUHS connection, please contact the DHTS Service Desk at 919 684 2243. Can't access network resources over VPN connection on Mac