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2019 Forestry Legislation in Colorado The state of Colorado values healthy, resilient forest landscapes and is willing to invest state funds in the stewardship of these resources. Resources Amazon Logging: Practice and Policy | Global Forest Atlas Some logging in the Amazon basin functions on a concessions system, where a logging company is granted production rights on public land for a fee. These systems often manage forests by dividing harvest areas into yearly rotations, and placing a limit on the minimum diameter that can be harvested, often around 50 cm diameter. Top 5 Pieces of Environmental Legislation - ABC News Jul 01, 2010 5 ways Canada prevents illegal logging | Natural Resources Here are some of the ways Canada prevents illegal logging and trade in illegal timber. 1. Canada’s laws and regulations reduce the risk of illegal logging. Over 90% of Canada’s forests are publicly owned. The provinces and territories develop and enforce legislation and policies related to …

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Illegal logging/FLEGT Action Plan . Illegal logging is the harvesting of timber in contravention of the laws and regulations of the country of harvest. Illegal logging is a global problem with significant negative economic, environmental and social impact. In economic terms illegal logging results in lost revenues and other foregone benefits.

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Landless legislation that would privatize more of the Tongass and make large swaths of old-growth forest available for logging Current and proposed mining in Southeast Alaska and upstream in Canada threaten ecosystem health Dynamics of Logging in Solomon Islands: The Need for Sep 01, 2015 Oregon Department of Forestry : Laws & rules : State of Oregon