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Virgin Media (NTLWorld) IMAP email to phone and pc. ramtec. Hi Guys, The gmail account the sent items appear in is my gmail account for android. rustyu. If you're not going to use POP anymore, disable it in the VM email settings. Here is the link to the Virgin IMAP setup instructions in case they help you: How Do I Set Up a POP or IMAP Email Account on Kindle Fire Jun 26, 2019 Sign in with your My Virgin Media details

Changes to our Acceptable Use Policy for Virgin Media Mail. To avoid a large number of unused email addresses on our Virgin Media Mail service, we’ve made some updates to our Acceptable Use Policy found here.If you want to know more, the updated sections are 6.6 - 6.9.

email on android mobile - Virgin Media Community - 4103507 Hello. I've always had an iphone and on that my virgin email was the same as when i went on my webmail and when i deleted or moved an email on my mobile it had also deleted or moved on my webmail and vice versa but i have just changed to an android phone and the email is different on this and when i delete or move the email on my phone its still showing as unread and in the inbox on my webmail.

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