The user interface of Firefox became more responsive and it also starts up noticeably faster. The engine renders web pages much faster than it ever did in the Gecko era. Modern browsers like Google Chrome allow exporting saved passwords to a file. In Firefox, exporting saved passwords was only possible with the help of extensions.

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Jun 26, 2017 Firefox may soon ask for the Windows Password to interact Mar 18, 2020 How do I export saved passwords from my firefox password The latest versions of Firefox store passwords, encrypted, in a JSON text file, logins.json, in your Firefox profile folder at /home/you/.firefox/ or /home/you/.mozilla/firefox. This Python script will decrypt them all into a text file. Basic usage: python And answer prompt if necessary. How to Manage Web Passwords With Firefox Lockwise | PCMag Managing your website passwords is always a challenge. Using a dedicated password manager can help, but if you use Firefox on PC and mobile, you can also tap into a feature from Mozilla known as