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Site to Site IPSEC VPN Between Cisco Router and Juniper The idea is simple: configure a secure tunnel so that LAN behind the Cisco router communicates with LAN behind the Juniper router securely. Remember that in any IPSEC configuration it is necessary that all the attributes … Juniper EX Switch GRE Tunnels – May 03, 2014

Secure Tunnel Interfaces ‎06-04-2015 03:17 AM If you're creating a second route-based VPN and st0.1 is already in use, do you create st1 and use st1.1 or create st0.2 ?

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15. Give the tunnel a name > Set the local zone to trust > Add in the local subnet (behind the Juniper) > Name the Secure Tunnel Interface (just put in a zero) > Set the secure tunnel zone to Untrust > Enter the physical address the VPN will be terminating on, (usually the fe0/0/0.0 interface, but it does not have to be) > Next. Now although Network Connect launches it hangs at the "Establishing Secure Session" step. It seems as though the connection is established (since I lose internet access in this period) but it can't create a tunnel. Network Connect log To provide a viable, or superior, alternative to Juniper, an SSL VPN solution needs to demonstrate outstanding reliability, performance and scalability and depth of features. One such vendor is Array Networks, whose AG Series Secure Access Gateways scale from supporting a few hundred users to tens of thousands of users, as needed.